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The source of a real-time data about productivity

Solve productivity problems by measuring the amount of productive working time and eliminating the root causes of wasted working time.

Create conditions for success and safe work

The simplest and fastest way to enhance the entire site’s performance is to create conditions in which every installer can carry out his work at once and on time. To do so, you need to remove any obstacles that prevent installers from success.

It is not the issue of subcontractors alone. It is about how we work together.  As a general contractor, your goal is to deliver a profitable project as agreed.  The Aiforsite is a new effective way to ensure it. You can figure out following issues:

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Track the contractors’ performance and keep up with the schedule.

Monitor the contractors’ task-specific work progress area by area and task by task. You will see instantly where the installers spent their time, how much of this time was productive, what tasks were completed as planned and where you have problems.

Using other technology like 360 videos or site cameras, you can dig deeper into the root causes of the problems and remove them immediately.

Actual presence and productive work

Real-Time Location System indicates uninterrupted, minimum 10 min time slots spent by the workers at each work location divided by the total time spent at the site. The data tells you the actual time spent at a certain workspace in percentages or minutes and reveals the amount of task-specific waste in the installation work.

Beacons and tags

The hardware component of the Real-Time Location System includes a network of beacons installed in selected working areas and wireless tags that workers wear during the shift. The positioning system automatically collects task-specific data based on the location of the workers.

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Personal data security

Tracking devices are not used to monitor the personal performance of individuals. The tags are anonymous, and the system tracks only their serial numbers that are appended to a professional title (e.g., carpenter). No personal information is handled at the time of the system’s use. Read more about data security.

Occupational safety

Knowing where the people are at the site at any given moment is a significant advantage in terms of occupational safety. In case of fire or other cases of emergency, the system shows you in real-time on which floors people are and who is in danger. This is extremely important for a quick and safe evacuation, especially at large and tall building sites.

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