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Increase profitability by eliminating wasted tool-time.

Productivity Growth Programme is designed  for owners, CEOs and CFOs of mid-size and small construction companies that are aiming to improve performance, but currently lack the resources.

See Results in as little as Six Weeks

A ‘Stepping Stone’ to Better Profitability

A Turn-key Solution for Technology Adoption

The Programme is designed as a stepping stone for small construction companies wanting to adopt new technologies. We offer a turn-key solution for reducing operating expenses and improve profitability. 

Improve Project Delivery

The Programme gives you a competitive edge and improves project delivery. Join Aiforsite’s Productivity Growth Programme and see results in as little as six weeks.

Win More Contracts

We will strengthen your operations, providing training on modern tools to track, measure, and improve tool-time productivity on construction sites and win more contracts.

Less wasted tool-time - more productive work, shorter programme time, less CO2 and better ROI to your clients.

Value of the Programme

Strategic Level

At a strategic level, better tool-time productivity on-site means

  • Improving project safety (supporting the Building Safety Act – Golden Thread)
  • Delivering projects on schedule
  • In fact, shortening the schedule altogether!
  • Improving margins due to better performance and reduced costs
  • Meeting your Carbon Reduction Plan targets
  • Demonstrating to clients and stakeholders the benefits of adopting new technologies and methodologies

Operational Level

At an operational level, better tool-time productivity helps you

  • Save the work time of your site managers and supervisors
  • Enhance site management
  • Identify and report on wasted tool-time, in real time
  • Get tools to identify root causes of deviations and develop corrective actions
  • Get better skills to move to lean and takt construction
  • Analyse and apply learnings to next projects
  • Improve communications across all stakeholders

What to Expect From the Programme?

Your input in the Programme

Decide which project in your portfolio is an optimal fit for the programme.

The pilot site can be a housing or an office scheme, a commercial space or school, or a hospital. 

 Participation in the Growth Programme requires steadfast commitment at the management and operational levels.

The site management team should be ready to learn and practice lean construction principles and use the technology delivered to the site.

What will you learn?

Your team will learn what wasted tool-time is and what benefits you gain from its elimination.

You will learn how to extract the most value from the technology for improving performance.

You will learn advanced methods of weekly and daily schedule planning and monitoring. Principles of task-specific material flow management are also included.

Finally, you will learn lean construction principles essential for success in advanced weekly and daily planning.

What is Included?

Aiforsite provides the construction site with technology, training and services that show you the results within six weeks. The Programme includes:

  • Aiforsite’s training during the six weeks
  • Regular consultation and checkpoints during the program
  • Aiforsite’s cloud-based AI-driven technology  platform
  • Leasing of the necessary technology
  • Hardware installation and maintenance of the leased equipment
  • A wearable positioning system for operatives and supervisors
  • Wireless sensors to monitor air temperature, humidity CO2, noise and dust as well as concrete dryness and strength
  • 360 degree camera and Android smartphone for 360 degree video documentation
  • Site cameras for direct monitoring of the site

Proven track record from over 140 projects

This approach has helped construction companies in over 140 construction projects in Europe and Asia.

The secret is in focusing on HOW the processes are carried out and responding immediately to any observed deviation using real-time data.

Equitable use of supporting technology, collaboration and commitment are the cornerstones of success.

The investment

We offer a pilot deal involving a predetermined programme cost and technology lease. For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This turn-key package is designed for businesses that want to verify the model’s feasibility before committing to a customised solution or expanding it to a program level.

Our methodology has proven itself to increase productivity by enhancing the construction process. You invest your team’s time and commitment. We promise you to demonstrate results in as little as six weeks.

Boost Profitability and win more contracts!

Book free 20-minute call to discuss the programme details, your needs and current situation.

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