Improve construction processes with Aiforsite's Productivity Platform and services

What does the
productivity management platform offer?

The construction industry is looking for effective tools for faster output, better margins and lower carbon emissions. Improvement of tool-time productivity is a powerful way to achieve all three goals.

Aiforsite offers contractors and their clients a fast and practical way to improve the tool-time and raise the share of productive work. We make productivity gaps visible and the removal of obstacles feasible in real-time.

Real-time situational awareness

Automatically collected real-time data creates a real-time situational snapshot.
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Real-time productivity analytics

Measure and analyse the productivity of subcontractors by tasks and programmes in real-time.
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Productivity Engineer

Utilise services of Productivity Engineer to detect, analyse and eliminate productivity gaps continously.
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A scalable solution

Aiforsite productivity platform is a modular AI-driven cloud solution that you can deploy module by module. Multiple data sources in one interface remove the jumble of single-point applications.

Aiforsite Positioning

Monitor contractors’ performance in real-time.
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Check the prerequisites of selected areas and document the progress visually.
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Aiforsite Cameras

See every corner of the site in real time, even if you are not there.
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Improve site planning, measure volumes of excavated soil, and track the site progress.
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Aiforsite Conditions

Monitor condition of poured cast-in-place concrete, air temperature, humidity and pollution.
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Make an impact on sustainability

Increased productivity of work during the construction phase can reduce CO2 by 14% (140 kg CO2/sqm). More productive work during construction means less material waste and shorter constriction time, which have a direct impact on CO2 emissions. 

Become 50% more productive

Sounds unbelievable? But it is not. It’s already happening.

Huge potential for improvement

Following Aiforsite’s proven productivity methodology, the construction industry can make significant improvements:

  • Increase productive work time by 50%
  • Shorten construction programmes by 50%
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 14%
  • Increase clients’ ROI by 20%

Aiforsite 360 Beta is released!

A new beta version of Aiforsite 360 module is now available.  Documenting the site progress in 360 images and videos and ensuring preconditions of tasks is easier than ever.

Aiforsite 360 Beta

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Value delivered to over
100 construction projects globally

Hear it from our customers

“This is a great tool compared to previous tools we had. We will not go back to the old way of doing.”

Site Manager, publicly listed construction company

“The ways of documenting the site have enhanced site layout planning and area management as a whole.”

Site Engineer, project management company

“Flexible solution fits our needs for the site camera surveillance and site progress tracking.”

Project Director, Energy company

“The clear benefit of using Aiforsite is that the project makes progress all the time and no production area remains idle.”
Site Manager, Project Management Contractor

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