Construction Productivity Roadmap

A three-phase productivity improvement model as a service. 

Define, measure and improve

A roadmap to increase productivity

Aiforsite’s Productivity Roadmap service offers construction companies and clients a clear model to increase productivity. The model includes three phases:

  • Measure productivity
  • Manage productivity
  • Continuously improve productivity


The model enables to start with individual construction sites and scale to managing all sites at the portfolio level.

Measure productivity

To begin improving productivity, it is necessary to understand the current level of productivity and identify the improvement potential.

To do this, we use our technology platform to measure productivity at several construction sites. This process requires incorporating clauses in subcontracts to utilise technology for productivity measurement.

By comparing results between construction sites, we can determine which practices are most effective and adapt them to the current operating model.

We measure the actual time spent on specific tasks and compare it to the scheduled working hours. We will also compare the amount of uninterrupted working time to the total time spent on tasks to determine the potential for improving productivity.

Manage productivity

After defining the potential and adopting the methods of improvement, you will be ready to move to the next phase of productivity management.

We tailor you a cost-effective technology and service package that is based on phase 1 observations, production process and goals.

We train the site management extensively to use the model and utilise data in daily management.

We help you define the incentivisation model for productivity management and formulate the necessary changes to the subcontract terms.

Improve continuously

In this phase, all construction sites within the organisation are using data-driven methods to manage productivity.

Project and production planning utilises productivity data, which is also used to benchmark and manage subcontractors.

Improving productivity on a continuous basis is integrated into the organisation’s strategy and daily operations.

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