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Spreading the wings for international growth

2022 is a year of internationalization and growth

We look to the future with great enthusiasm. The coming year will be full of customer-oriented marketing, new partnerships, new employees, internationally scalable growth, and further developed artificial intelligence.

We have paved the way for next year with strategic planning and development projects, the first results of which we will announce in 2022. The company’s management, personnel, Board of Directors, and investors are committed to the jointly agreed goals. More information about our next moves will come soon.

2021: A clarified strategic focus – construction productivity

Improving construction productivity has become a key theme of Aiforsite’s mission, which resonates strongly with the needs of the construction industry. The industry is looking for a new kind of efficiency and quality and ways to solve the productivity problem.

With our remote monitoring, video, and positioning data technology, all stakeholders on the construction site and the whole construction value chain can improve productivity through simple day-to-day actions. All parties get continuous real-time situational snapshots and indisputable visual and numerical data on the progress of the work.

Aiforsite helps to make construction production processes transparent, remotely monitored and well documented. In this way, the site management can identify root causes of non-productive actions at different stages of work in time and target measures based on data correctly. As the result, the schedule is kept, the right workers and materials are in the right place at the right time, and costs are saved.

New members to the Board of Directors

In 2021, the company’s Board of Directors was strengthened by two new high-class professionals, when Kim Salvén, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Peikko Group, and Jyrki Keinänen, CEO of A-Insinöörit have joined the Board after the last investment round.

Investment round completed

During the investment round in the late spring of 2021, Aiforsite raised EUR 3.9 million to ensure its growth. Investors were convinced of the international growth potential of Aiforsite’s solution.

The customer base grew and strengthened

In an ever-changing operating environment, the speed of learning has become a new competitive advantage for companies. We are constantly learning from each project, refining our solution and service model with our customers. Our customer base has grown and strengthened over the past year. Cooperation with many companies continues in next construction projects and is moving towards a partnership model.

We serve the country’s leading property developers and project management contractors. In 2021, we published reference videos about the cooperation with Haahtela, EKE-Rakennus, SRV and Helen. Abroad Aiforsite’s technology was used, e.g. In Norway, Denmark, the UK, and Microsoft’s construction site in India.

The staff almost doubled and diversified

Following the growth strategy, Aiforsite has hired new experts in construction, software development, sales and marketing, and financial management. The number of employees almost doubled compared to a year ago. The workplace is truly international, as we have representatives of many nationalities. Aiforsite’s working language is English.

The company has an insanely hard drive to do and develop. Good team spirit, mutual trust and respect are felt and reflected in daily work. We are constantly developing our internal processes, and during the year, we have introduced new operating models.

Product development has switched to the Scrum model and centralized process monitoring and documentation in Jira Confluence. Service and marketing teams will be next to start using the same platform, which is exceptional in this type of service company.

The development of analytics and artificial intelligence technology continued

We have further developed the scalability of the technology, services, and operating models and started the transition to the next stage in analytics and artificial intelligence development. The goal is to automate numerous data collection processes and focus all functionalities more intensely on our own AIC platform. We strive to add value to our customers with a comprehensive solution that can make a real contribution to improving construction productivity.

Wins in international innovation competitions

In 2021, we participated in two international innovation competitions and awarded winning places. In May 2021, the challenge of the KEKO Ecosystem project was about utilizing the data collected during the design and construction phase. Aiforsite’s winning solution focused on automating building material and human resource flows. The KEKO Ecosystem project’s core team included companies like VTT, Nokia, Kone, YIT, Caverion, Halton and Netox.

In November 2021, we placed second in RIL’s Solution2021 hackathon. The challenge of the competition was about making the environmental monitoring data collected in the infrastructure project more accessible. Our team leveraged artificial intelligence to analyze and visualize data and developed a new solution based on Aiforsite’s VisualSite concept and condition monitoring system.

What a year! I express my sincere gratitude to all partners, customers, employees, and investors!

Kari Hirvijärvi
Founder and CEO of Aiforsite Ltd

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