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HELEN: Planning and daily management of a large-scale industrial site

Bioenergy heating plant construction managed and monitored with Aiforsite technology

Planning and daily management of a large-scale industrial site is a demanding task. Aiforsite provides a versatile technology solution to support Helen to monitor and manage the site of a new bioenergy heating plant.

Preparing for the different phases of the project and getting a comprehensive situational awareness is considerably easier. Headquartered in Helsinki with over 450 000 customers in Finland the owner Helen Ltd. produces electricity, district heating and cooling as well as energy distribution and sales.

”At the beginning of the project, we knew we would absolutely need a camera surveillance system on the site. We did research to find out the kinds of systems the market currently has to offer. We were excited to find Aiforsite and began cooperating with them,” says Antti Saikkonen, project manager from Helen.

Aiforsite brings value to all stakeholders

The construction of a bioenergy heating plant is a large-scale project and involves a great number of both suppliers and stakeholders. Aiforsite technology is currently in use for planning and daily managing the site, and also for preparing for upcoming project phases. Moreover, Aiforsite offers the tools for real-time situational awareness of the site.

”Our project progressed smoothly in mutual cooperation with Aiforsite professionals. We tailored a solution to fit all our requirements for both camera and site surveillance as well as the many needs of our stakeholders,” summarises Jani Rautiainen, process specialist from Helen.

”3D tools, drone recording, helmet cameras and 360-degree video are included of course. All these together support the progress and the monitoring of the site,” Rautiainen continues.

Scalable system offers versatile tools

So far Helen has had a very positive experience with Aiforsite. What has made the solution so extensive is the ease of use, scalability, and adaptability to the different project phases. The versatile tools and high-quality technical support are also praised by people at Helen.

”We can warmly recommend Aiforsite,” Saikkonen concludes.

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