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Aiforsite instructing the future digital foremen

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The future digital foremen will learn how to use digital tools for creating comprehensive situational awareness under Aiforsite’s instruction in April 2023. The Digiforeman course is organized by TTS* and LAB UAS** for construction professionals who want to improve their digital skills.

A clear social demand in the construction field

The construction field welcomed the course with enthusiasm. About 150 participants have pre-registered for the spring modules, and there have been about 100 participants in each of the two training days that have already been held.

The age range of the participants is quite broad. However, the majority are over 40 years old.

A high registration level indicates that there is a clear social demand for this type of education.

The Digiforeman course is organised from February to May 2023 in two locations, Vantaa and Lappeenranta. The course includes 13 modules, which attendees can choose according to their needs and interest. The training is free for participants.

Aiforsite’s Service Director, Jerkko Koskinen, will instruct attendees about digital tools for creating comprehensive situational awareness. The instruction will take place on the 19th of April, 2023, as part of the Module “Managing situational awareness of construction site”.

Digital management of construction site

The course goes thoroughly through all the aspects of digital management of a construction site, including:

  • Drawings and BIM models
  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • Meetings and Communications
  • Work Safety and Security
  • Quality Control
  • Site Condition Management
  • Site Situational Awareness
  • Circular Economy

The course is for site managers, superintendents, and foremen

The main target group of the course is managers, site managers, superintendents, and foremen with long working experience in the industry. The main goal of the course is to improve their digital skills and extend their working careers.

Lack of digital skills

The use of various digital methods is increasing rapidly in the construction industry. However, digitisation is progressing unevenly among different operators. There are plenty of technical tools and programs, but the obstacle to their widespread use is often a lack of training.

The phenomenon can be seen especially in utilising digital planning, implementation and reporting methods and related operating methods at the level of the entire construction value chain.

Part of the EU-funded development project

The Digiforeman course is part of the development project “Strengthening digital skills of construction site management “, which is led by TTS Työtehoseura and LAB UAS. The EU-funded project is being implemented between January 3, 2022, and August 31, 2023.

Goals of the development project

The website of the development project states that the project is looking for a solution, e.g. to the following matters:

  • Streamlining the operation of the construction sites of SME construction companies by increasing the expertise of digital assistance.
  • Extending the working careers of ageing construction site personnel by increasing digital skills.
  • Better employment opportunities for unemployed construction workers by increasing their digital skills.
  • Raising the digital skills of people entering the field to the level that they are better able to meet the future challenges of management and productivity of construction sites.
  • The staff’s ability to cope and the extension of their working careers.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of construction by improving the energy efficiency of buildings and the use of materials and reducing wastage through better design.

About the organisers

*TTS (Työtehoseura) is one of the biggest and oldest private organizers of vocational education in Finland. TTS trains approximately 8000 students a year.

**LAB University of Applied Sciences has 8 900 students, and it is the sixth largest university of applied sciences in Finland.

Additional information about the project is on the website of TTS (in Finnish).

Aiforsite’s strong expertise in digital tools for construction

We are honoured to be invited to the Digiforeman course implementation. During the last seven years of operation, Aiforsite became highly competent in using different digital technologies that help to create a broad situational snapshot of the construction site.

We use the remote monitoring tools like site cameras, drones and 360 video footage of the progress, wearable technology for resource tracking, and wireless technology for site condition monitoring.

Over the years, our main offering has been focused on helping construction companies build better and faster by removing waste from the work process and improving productivity.

Learn more about Aiforsite’s Productivity Platform.

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