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Haahtela: Enhancing Takt-Time Construction

Haahtela Bulevardi 7 Takt-time reference project title

Finnish project management contractor Haahtela aimed at the development of a takt-time construction model and comprehensive site documentation. Aiforsite’s productivity management system was used at a large renovation project in downtown Helsinki.

General information about the project

The mutual pension insurance company Varma has renovated the office property at Bulevardi 7 in Helsinki, completed in 1939, to new glory. The project was implemented using the Haahtela model and takt time production. The renovation project utilised Aiforsite’s Productivity Engineer services and technology, including outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, 360 video and positioning data. Haahtela was the project manager of the site.

The construction site consisted of two seven- and nine-story buildings, with a two-story courtyard wing between them. The total area is more than 10,000 m2.

Goals set for Aiforsite productivity management system

The project was finished in the fall of 2022. One of Haahtela’s initial goals for using Aiforsite’s system was the development of takt production through the identification of wasted efforts. Another goal was comprehensive documentation of the construction site.

Four additional KPIs were included in the cooperation agreement, enhancing the supervising work, among others. In the project’s final meeting, we summarized how we succeeded.

Haahtela Bulevardi 7 office building renovation project

Enhanced supervising

Site management’s overall snapshot of the site situation and progress was more up-to-date and comprehensive, thanks to site cameras and 360 video filming.

In addition to site visits, the site manager made a 10-minute real-time camera tour of the site in the mornings and evenings and saw immediately what was happening.

Improving takt production

The one-day takt cycle set tough demands on the contractors, who had to accurately count what goods and when they needed them in different takt areas. The timely handover of the workspaces to the next contractors was also critical.

Positioning data helped monitor the work of contractors’ installers in different takt areas.
Real-time camera views and 360 video recording twice a week helped monitor the progress of the work and to see where, for example, the materials stood in the way of other contractors for a long time.

Haahtela Bulevardi 7 yard

Development of occupational safety

Real-time positioning data provided valuable information about the presence and location of employees. This information is very important in case of emergencies.

Development of logistics

Developing logistics has been one of the most important goals of the Boulevard renovation project. The cramped plot in Helsinki’s heart required precise timing in material deliveries and handling at the construction site.

With the help of Aiforsite’s system, it was possible to react more effectively to deviations in the site logistics.

Better design control

The renovation project of a historic building is a demanding task, which requires design, demolishing and building new at the same time. The availability of the right plans in time was sometimes a challenge.
The site manager was able to point out problems with Aiforsite’s system in the design meetings and manage the design revisions more effectively.

More open information sharing, also remotely

The project management followed the productivity engineer’s weekly report and took insights from it.

The video and photo documentation of the project was of great help in the compilation of the demolition phase report for the Finnish Heritage Agency considerably.

Design meetings were managed more efficiently – saving on site visits, with the remote participants being given the same understanding as if they were present.

Haahtela Bulevardi 7 entrance door
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