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The production control system utilising AI technology digitalises construction sites – Cramo and the Finnish company Bliot launching cooperation

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Cramo aims at spurring the digitalisation of construction sites in cooperation with the Finnish startup company Bliot. The solution provided by the companies combines the construction production control system developed by Bliot with artificial intelligence. With this solution, many of the tasks related to site planning, measurements and everyday life on site can be automatised and enhanced.

The construction industry, which is considered a traditional industry, is renewing rapidly. An increasing number of Finnish builders have already deployed the Building Information Model (BIM), which is used for planning and modelling buildings in the initial stage.

“Our service, provided in cooperation with Cramo, will bring the digitalisation of construction sites to the next era even at a global scale. We will use the data from sites in a versatile way. We collect this data using, for example, concrete and condition sensors as well as employee, tool, material and geographic information sensor networks, drone and video recordings,” says Kari Hirvijärvi, the Founder and CEO of Bliot.

“We will offer our solutions to builders as a service package that makes the digitalisation of sites easy. The service has one price that includes the weekly data collection as well as the training of the site personnel and the system package.”

AI supports decision-making

Cramo offers the site digitalisation package as a turnkey service. The package also includes the services of a digitalisation expert trained by Bliot.

“We want to make sure that taking the digital leap is easy and that the customer will get the benefits from using the system right from the beginning. The digitalisation expert trained by Bliot takes care of the regular data collection at the sites from the start, stores the data and helps to analyse it,” says Tatu Hauhio, Cramo’s Managing Director.

During the Bliot system deployment, Cramo’s expert takes care of the installation of the required sensors and start-up of the SaaS service. During the service agreement period, the expert will install the sensor network on site and collect data from the site weekly using drones and helmet cameras and participate in the weekly meetings.

“In the production control, AI is harnessed to support decision-making. AI helps to work on the processes that were previously carried out manually in an accurate and agile manner. Algorithms predict, for example, the drying and hardening of the concrete, and the video data collected from the site exposes the employees who do not wear safety helmets,” says Hirvijärvi.

AI is developed and utilised in controlling the construction stages as well as in making quality, occupational safety and maturity observations. The site receives automatic alerts concerning, for example, possible quality and occupational safety risks through the system.

The service provided by Cramo is being piloted around Finland

Bliot has implemented the overall service in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and it has been well received by the builders. Cramo and Bliot will launch the service first in Finland, but the goal is to launch cooperation also abroad.

“Cramo wants to be the digitalisation pioneer of the rental industry, and with this new solution, we can meet the wishes of our customer concerning a deeper cooperation. The service has generated a lot of interest, and we are planning on expanding the cooperation to our other countries of operation after the launch in Finland,” says Hauhio. Cramo has the exclusive right to offer the Bliot solution in Finland. “Cramo already has experts on the sites as well as extensive customer relationships. Due to this cooperation, we can bring top-class technology expertise to the sites, which is guided by experts who know the everyday life in the construction industry. This opens new opportunities for us,” says Hirvijärvi.

Cramo will start to offer this service to customers at the beginning of 2019.

Further information:

Cramo Finland Oy
Tatu Hauhio, Managing Director
tel. +358 40 5701 344

Bliot Oy
Kari Hirvijärvi, CEO
tel. +358 44 7600 410

Cramo is a total rental solutions provider. In addition to machinery and equipment, we offer services that support construction, renovation and maintenance. In Finland, we operate nationally employing over 400 employees at approximately 50 depots. Our customer base consists of companies and other players in construction and other industry, trade and the public sector. In addition, we provide services to private customers. Cramo Finland Oy is part of Cramo Group. The Group's parent company Cramo Plc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

Bliot is a company that is changing the construction industry using its strong expertise and technological know-how. Development of the Bliot system began in Espoo’s Keilaranta in 2016. After this, the team has been strengthened by several professionals who are experts in their fields. The mission of Bliot is to digitalise the construction industry using top technology. The customer is at the centre of everything, and the goal is to offer the customer safe and efficient solutions which concretely improve their business. Read more:

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