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Aiforsite UK names two key appointments

The Finnish Contech company Aiforsite announced key appointments to its UK organisation. Aiforsite offers a game-changing productivity management solution to construction industry leaders.

Construction technology company Aiforsite has appointed Vassos Chrysostomou as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Tom Woodhead as the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Aiforsite UK Ltd.

The new appointments will have a significant role in the growth of Aiforsite’s business in the UK market. Vassos will oversee the implementation of the company’s strategy to achieve business expansion and profitable growth, while Tom will contribute to developing and strengthening the customer experience.

Vassos Chrysostomou, COO UK

The new Chief Operating Officer, Vassos Chrysostomou, joins Aiforsite with over 20 years of experience in lean construction and integrated project management.

In his previous leadership role as a founder and managing partner of IBE Partnership LLP, he has acquired a powerful combination of knowledge and expertise in collaborative working, supply chain management, lean construction techniques, sustainability and continuous improvement tools.

At Aiforsite UK, Vassos will be responsible for setting the overall direction of the country’s operations as well as the day-to-day operational management. He will establish and grow sales of Aiforsite solutions and build long-lasting relationships with customers and partners.

Tom Woodhead, CXO

Tom Woodhead, the new Chief Experience Officer, brings to the company over 20 years of experience from both the public and private sectors and the construction industry.

Over the last ten years, Tom has been responsible for the development of business services at Woodhead Group as a member of the Board of Directors with strategic oversight and accountability for continuous improvement, customer care, marketing, HSEQ, CSR, and ICT.

Technology, people, and methodology are the foundations of Aiforsite’s approach, and Tom’s expertise will enable the company to have a sharper, insight-based user experience for customers.

Growing UK team

Talking about the appointments, Kari Hirvijärvi, Founder and CEO of Aiforsite Group, said, “We are establishing a strong leadership team. We are delighted to welcome Vassos and Tom to Aiforsite. With their proven track record and expertise, they will serve as valuable additions to our team. We plan to continue growing the team with the best talent to drive our business goals in the UK market.”

London office opened in 2022

Aiforsite incorporated a subsidiary Aiforsite UK Ltd in the spring of 2022. The first trial project with a major construction company is currently underway.

For more information, please, contact:

Kari Hirvijärvi, CEO
Aiforsite Group
Mobile 07 341 977 706

Vassos Chrysostomou, COO
Aiforsite UK Ltd
Mobile 07 889 641 712

Tom Woodhead, CXO
Aiforsite UK Ltd
Mobile 07 871 357 872

About Aiforsite

Aiforsite’s mission is to solve the productivity problem of the construction industry. The growing technology company was established in Finland in 2016. The company has delivered its solutions to over 100 construction projects in Finland, Norway, Denmark, India, Malaysia, and now to the UK. Aiforsite has a team of about 30 professionals in construction, artificial intelligence, and software development. Aiforsite works with leading construction companies and property owners and is seeking significant growth.

About the solution

The key goal of Aiforsite’s productivity management system is to increase the amount of uninterrupted direct work on the construction site. The solution makes the workflow waste visible and enables tracking of actual and planned progress in real-time. Automated data collection is the foundation of the system. Resource tracking is at the core while remote condition monitoring and video control complement the snapshot of the situation.

By improving the amount of direct work on construction sites, Aiforsite enables shortening the construction time of projects, reducing CO2 emissions during construction, and increasing the return on capital.

Address of UK office

1 Elmfield Park, London, Outer London BR1 1LU, United Kingdom

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