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Aiforsite’s traditional Summer Day brought the team together

Aiforsite team spending free time together

What a lovely Aiforsite’s traditional Summer Day we had last Friday! We spent a great time in a relaxing atmosphere at Iso Vasikkasaari island in the Espoo archipelago, enjoying sunny weather and delicious picnic food from Demo. Almost the whole team attended.

We took a quite informal approach to plan this event. Our Finance and HR Manager, Minna, ordered food in advance, but all other things were organized spontaneously without any special efforts or program.

Ok, flying a drone was the one turn for a few people, and some others had a chess tournament or explored an observation tower on the island, but most of the time, we all spent talking to each other about this and that. It was just relaxing and easygoing.

People were glad to meet each other in person in one place because many of us still work remotely. The company’s policy allows remote working when it is necessary and depending on the nature of work, and at least until now, we do not have a quota for required office days.

Communications via Slack or Google Meet or by phone are effective and intensive in our company, but nothing can substitute real physical conversation face-to-face. Aiforsite’s Summer Day was a good season start and a reason to meet the whole team!

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