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Turn excess into progress

Traditionally, site managers spend almost all their time in the field witnessing situations with their own eyes, talking, calling, and mailing designers, suppliers, subcontractors, project leaders and others. Putting out fires is the everyday reality. Let’s change it. 

Reduce task duration and remove waste

Process waste is anything that causes unplanned workflow interruption like missing resources, workspace not being ready after the previous subcontractor or wrong conditions for the next tasks. 

Aiforsite makes wasted time visible and reduction of the task duration possible. 

Increase amount of productive work

Less workflow waste leads to an increasing amount of uninterrupted and thus more productive work a.k.a. tool-time. You will ensure prerequisites for work and keep up with the schedule. 

Improved tool-time enables shortening programme time and delivering projects faster.


Save time, money and carbon

Shortened programmes also minimises carbon emissions on-site. The shorter the construction period, the less heating, electric power, and fuel you need to complete the project.

Aiforsite helps you to save time and money and achieve Net Zero goals.


See it in action

With Aiforsite, you will get real-time situational awareness based on automatically collected facts. Aiforsite’s productivity management system is a cloud-based AI-driven solution, which utilises remote condition and situation monitoring, video and resource positioning technology. 

Curious about how to start?

Used in over 100 construction projects around the globe

Aiforsite’s productivity management system is applied in over 100 construction projects of different types and sizes in Finland, Denmark, Norway, India, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

What our customers say?

“By using Aiforsite, we see in real-time what is going on in the entire 31-floor tower site and know where people and tools are going.”

Site Manager, publicly listed construction company

“I can definitely recommend Aiforsite because it helps develop our work processes. There are expert visionaries behind their solution.”

Project Director, property development company

“The system provides a comprehensive remote overview of the project to all stakeholders and saves us time, money and carbon.” 

Project Director, Energy company

“The clear benefit of using Aiforsite is that the project makes progress all the time and no production area remains idle.”
Site Manager, Project Management Contractor

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