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Aiforsite UK's webinar #1 19.1.23

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Tool-Time Productivity Improvement -
The “Motherload” for Construction Resilience

In this webinar, we talked with Olli Seppänen, Associate Professor of Operations Management in Construction from Aalto University, about the main findings of academic and operational research studies into productivity in construction.

For example, a massive North American research (2020) revealed that adding 36 sec of direct work to every working hour could yield a yearly return of 5.4 billion USD to the NA gross domestic product (GDP).

The research showed that more focus on activity and project-level efficiency is crucial for changing the trends of national construction labour productivity.

You will learn 

  • Why increasing the share of productive tool time is the “Motherload” for Construction Resilience
  • How to raise productivity from the current average 30% level?
  • How Aiforsite’s productivity platform helps deliver faster with less carbon emissions and better profit.>