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Aerial footage of the site

A drone is a diversified digital construction tool for site layout and logistics planning, documenting, measurement and inspections.

Aiforsite Computer UI Drone Model

Exterior proof of the site progress

Regularly performed, the drone footage provides valuable information and documents the site’s progress externally. As part of the Aiforsite Productivity Management Platform, the drone model complements overall situational awareness in the project.

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Aiforsite Drone 3D model on the screen in control room

A digital reconstruction of the site

Combined with the 3D model, the drone footage provides a digital reconstruction of the site. The drone footage produces a very precise – accuracy of fewer than two centimetres or 0.8 inches – 3D point cloud model of the site.

You can quickly view the actual site situation versus the plans simply by comparing your model to the 3D drone model.

You may visually compare different points in time in order to monitor the progress. You can overlay design drawings on top of the 3D model according to the actual set of coordinates and compare one to another to check the progress.

Soil excavation measurement

A visual site map created with drone recording is a big help for exact site measurements and land mass management.

The software enhances controlling land mass movements and excavation work. The excavation limits can be checked and validated quickly.

You can perform different measurements, such as length, area, and volume, in just a few seconds which reduces time and effort in various site measurements.

Groundworks 1
Aiforsite drone box on the ground

Control of different work phases

During the development phase, drone footage helps to match the future building to the site. 

During preplanning, drone images help draft and update the site plan.

During frame erection works, the drone is useful for inspections of difficult accessible sections.

During construction, regular drone mapping of the site provides exterior visual documentation of the site’s progress.

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