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Real-time positioning data significantly enhances work safety

In high-rise construction, occupational safety faces strict requirements. The safety on a large and high-rise construction site must be guaranteed in all situations. With Aiforsite’s real-time positioning system, SRV’s site management can see where and how many employees are on each floor. In case of fire, this kind of information is vital.

SRV is the project management contractor that was responsible for the implementation of the Lumo One tower building in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Lumo One is one of the eight tower blocks that are rising to Helsinki’s new seaside district Kalasatama. The apartment building is a 31-story skyscraper comprising 291 apartments. The site employed an average of about 160 people a day.

“Occupational safety is a critical issue for SRV. We want everyone to get home healthy and take care of it together,” says Mika Kuukkanen, the Site Manager of SRV’s Lumo One construction site.

Authorities’ requirements are even being exceeded

High-rise construction regulations require that, as part of supervision and occupational safety, construction sites must be able to know exactly who is on the site at the moment. With the help of the Aiforsite positioning system, these regulations are met and even slightly exceeded.

“We got 3D modelling of the object in real-time. At the same time, we saw where everyone was moving and where, for example, specific tools were,” Kuukkanen illustrates.

“If we had a fire on the 13th floor, we would immediately know how many people were working there and how many people had come out. If necessary, we would also be able to trace who these people have been,” Kuukkanen continues. From an occupational safety perspective, knowing where workers are is vital and can save lives.

“We will not go back to the old way of doing things”

The implementation of the positioning system went smoothly with the support of Aiforsite.
The deployment was easy with help from Aiforsite people. They have instructed you on how to use the system. We have a few people on the site who are program administrators. Everything has been reasonably painless from the beginning, Kuukkanen praises.

Kuukkanen is very satisfied with how the system works in practice. The features it offers have proven to be really useful.

“This is an excellent tool compared to the past. We will not go back to the old days,” Kuukkanen concludes.

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