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EKE: Developing production process

Aiforsite helps develop production process

A family-owned construction company, EKE-Rakennus, uses Aiforsite to develop business and to track costs and site completion. For example a visual site map created with drone recording is a big help for exact site measurements and land mass management.

Operating mainly in Western and Central Uusimaa district in Finland, EKE-Rakennus is currently working on a construction project in Piispanportti the city of Espoo.

– We are constructing a developer-contracted office building and three L-shaped apartment buildings. There will be a total of 340 apartments,” says Miikka Huhtamäki, construction manager in the Piispanportti project. He works for EKE-Rakennus.

Accurate weekly calculations

Aiforsite has provided services such as job site safety measurement and drone recording.

– We opted for Aiforsite, because they provide a considerable upgrade to our previous methods. Aiforsite came along with a variety of features that we knew we needed, but had not used before,” Huhtamäki explains.

A major benefit of drone recording is the ability to create a visual site map and then base measurement and land mass management on that map. The 360 degree camera is used in addition to drone recording.

– We have a land development job based on unit pricing. We are able to weekly calculate with an accuracy of a few centimeters to determine the amount of soil dug or added to any exact location. This allows us to track our cost structure, Huhtamäki says.

– On the other hand, we can use the 360 degree camera to monitor site events and see what the conditions were for example at a certain time. This means we are able to rewind to examine past conditions if needed, Huhtamäki adds.

Site measurement and land mass management decrease costs

Miikka Huhtamäki is pleased with the way Aiforsite operates. He thinks Aiforsite is a company that brings sorely needed, fresh ideas into the construction business.

– I can definitely recommend Aiforsite, because it helps develop our production. There are expert visionaries behind their solution, Huhtamäki says with a smile.

– Site measurement and land mass management are such features that they pay for themselves, he concludes.

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