AIC Technology

AI for Construction (AIC) is Aiforsite’s intelligent technology solution to enable data-driven site management


Technology solution is delivered as SaaS (software as a service) model consisting of the following:

  1. Web-based AIC user interface and data storage in cloud
  2. IoT sensors for real-time data collection (e.g. conditions, concrete)
  3. Positioning system for real-time monitoring of resources (e.g. indoor positioning utilising Bluetooth mesh network and positioning tags)
  4. Drone and helmet camera imaging data (data collected by Digital Engineer)
  5. Fixed cameras for providing real-time video feed
  6. Agreed integrations (e.g. project file share) to client’s own applications.


AIC solution includes the following features that provide value for each phase of construction:

  • Situational awareness: Get full control of the situation by utilizing 360 video with positioning, live feed from fixed cameras, and 2D/3D drone images
  • Reporting: Get relevant site management reports directly from the system (e.g. conditions, technical completion rate, concrete strengthening & drying, productivity, safety)
  • Site planning & visualisation: Near real time monitoring of resources and tasks, intelligent tools for measurement, communication and situational picture
  • Monitoring of conditions: Get all condition information fro one place
  • Drying and strengthening of concrete: Intelligent monitoring and forecasting
  • Quality Matrix: Improve quality management by utilising centralized and digitalised quality matrix
  • Tact scheduling: Efficient real time schedule planning, implementation and tracking and sharing of up-to-date information to stakeholders
  • Site observations: Close to real time monitoring and partly automated observation significantly improves management of safety, quality and productivity
  • DataHub: Centralised data warehouse for all stakeholders to significantly improve communication
  • Dashboard: Quickly get situational picture of construction site based on real time data and set targets