Average client feedback: 9/10

Selected clients:

Specific value pointed out by our clients:

Responsible site manager, office building (6500 sqm):

  • Identifying and rectifying design errors in advance reduced costs
  • Drone images improved planning quality and speed
  • Visual and comprehensive documentation improved communication

Site engineer, apartment building (6000 sqm):

  • Concrete post tensioning was completed earlier
  • Improved work planning increased quality and productivity
  • Observations made by Digital Engineer improved quality and safety

Responsible site manager, office building (15000 sqm):

  • 3D modelling improved land mass calculations and management
  • Drone images increased productivity during frame building phase and improved quality management of facade
  • Smart measurement tools improved planning of logistics

Responsible site manager, two apartment buildings (9000 sqm):

  • Decreased day-to-day operational management effort
  • Good situational awareness improved productivity of site management 
  • Real time conditions monitoring improved task planning