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Jobsite lift shaft and tower crane

Three steps towards
50 % better productivity on construction site

If we really want to improve the productivity of construction projects, we must make no-productive work or waste visible, eliminate the root causes of waste and reduce the amount of waste in the process.

Enjoy reading! We hope this guide will give you some insights and help you on your way to more productive construction.

Kari Hirvijärvi
CEO of Aiforsite

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Download this guide and learn three steps to take already this year. We cover:

  • How a 50% increase in productivity can be possible
  • Which new digital tools help your daily management of the jobsite, and why it is important to include them in the pre-planning phase of the project
  • How to achieve real-time situational awareness and keep up with the schedule
  • What is the real-time productivity analysis, and how does it help shorten lead time.