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Data security

We cover data protection in construction projects

Aiforsite ensures the appropriate level of data protection at the site. We take care of the creation and management of secure user accounts. Standards of data protection, such as GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, have been taken into account in the solution tailored for your construction site. 

Taking care of data protection an essential part of our service

We recommended that you take time in advance to consider the different kinds of data protection standards, such as GDPR. Aiforsite has a lot of practical experience in how data protection matters should be taken into account on a construction site.

You will get, free of charge, important details related to data protection, such as site sign templates that indicate data collecting, the automatic blurring out of people in collected image materials, and sample clauses you may use in procurement agreements and privacy policy notices for employee and stakeholder communications.

Automated people blurring

Despite the real time visual monitoring, employee privacy is well protected: with the Artificial Intelligence for Construction (AIC) technology developed by Aiforsite, people are automatically blurred in visual materials such as stored images. Watch the video to see how the blurring works.

Key features for secure user account management

  • We create user specific user accounts, not general accounts
  • We use and enforce strong passwords
  • Two-way identification may be used
  • We store user accounts logging data
  • User account is locked automatically in case an incorrect password is entered too many times, and in such cases Aiforsite’s support gets an automated alarm of the incident

Data protection the best in the industry

Our AIC technology utilises the services of the industry’s best cloud service companies, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, both of which have excellent data protection. They regularly achieve third-party confirmations for thousands of conformance definitions in order to meet the security and conformance standards different industries globally require. 

Further information on Amazon and Azure

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure

Using these cloud providers gives us the ability to define geographical location for the stored data for example in the European Union.


Secure appropriate data protection at your construction site. We will support you in meeting the data protection standards and protect employee privacy.