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Next level productivity in construction

Construction should be a well managed and timed flow of installation workers and previously manufactured materials, and be based on flawless plans for both building and production. Using Aiforsite technology allows you to monitor your site’s progress in real time, automate reporting, decrease waste, and manage the site efficiently, even remotely.

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In real time. Transparently. Remotely.

Aiforsite helps you adopt data driven management to your site. We believe that the construction industry has the opportunity to take a productivity leap–with standardised production processes, key performance indicators, and the principle of continuous development–similar to the industrial one decades ago.

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Take your productivity to the next level with Aiforsite. Our technology works as a part of any universal digitalisation solution you have for your construction site. The Artificial Intelligence for Construction (AIC) technology solution creates the conditions for industrial operations on the basis of real time data. 


Bioenergy heating plant construction managed and monitored with Aiforsite technology

“At the beginning of the project we knew we would absolutely need a camera surveillance system on the site. We did research to find out the kinds of systems market currently has to offer. We were excited to find Aiforsite and began cooperating with them,” says Project Manager Antti Saikkonen from Helen Ltd.

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Easy to delpoy. Benefits from day one.

Eliminate waste

Improve the productivity of construction: use real time monitoring to collect data and observations and automate management and work tasks.

Take care of people

Improve occupational safety: automate safety observations and collect the real time location information of the workers and exceed the regulatory requirements.

Take control

Increase the transparency of the construction industry: make the waste visible, monitor the progress in real time, and document carefully throughout the project. 

Keep the schedule

Shorten the lead time: increase useful work time and decrease waste and get the tools to improve site management, even when working remotely.


Automate work tasks utilising artificial intelligence. Make better decisions with analytical tools. Have the same situational awareness available for everyone, regardless of time and place.