Aiforsite enables data-driven construction site management.

Bring transparency to construction projects.

Ensure continuous improvement of lead times, quality and safety.

Solution to achieve data-driven construction


Ensure proper usage of the solution right from the start of the project with practical training based on actual project data

Digital Engineer Service

Professional service for on-site data collection, data analysis, reporting, solution maintenance, and user support

AIC Technology

Decrease project lead times, cost of quality and safety incidents with situational awareness and ability to manage the project based on up-to-date information

Decrease lead times, cost of quality and safety incidents

Project team

Work smarter using digital tools. Monitor the project both numerically and visually and improve communication.


Verify project steps both numerically and visually. Improve supervision.

Production management

Concentrate and optimise resources. Manage production in real time and using the principles of industrial production.


The building owners will have 100% transparency of the construction stage. Construction and product information makes the takeover of the maintenance phase more efficient.

IT and marketing

Utilise pictures and video material in communication. Integrate project data flow into other production management.

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