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“The future of the construction industry depends on the implementation of new solutions”

The future of the construction industry depends on the implementation of new solutions

In 2018, Bliot has strengthened its position as service provider for Finnish construction companies. One of the professional construction companies benefiting from the Bliot system is Hartela.

Production manager Janne Alakomi, who was behind the decision to implement the system at Hartela, saw the possibilities Bliot could offer and wanted to provide the company’s professionals with the opportunity to utilise the latest technology. Alakomi was particularly interested in the AI solutions of Bliot and regular drone filming. The positional data collected by Bliot was also of interest because it could be utilised in the high construction projects of the future which require greater compliancy with official safety regulations than before.

At Hartela, site management can decide for themselves whether to implement the Bliot system in their project. Currently the system is in use on three work sites in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The choice in implementing the system has been retained because every site engineer has their own work methods.

Alakomi has received positive feedback from work sites regarding the use of the Bliot system. Hartela is collecting information on user experiences from work sites and site managers until the end or 2018. This information is used to deepen the understanding of the benefits of the system and its use on work sites.

The answer to the wishes of a new generation of employees

The Bliot system has been integrated into the operating methods of the sites with agility. On the other hand, Alakomi also hopes that the system forces current work methods to change and causes the re-evaluation of old methods and the implementation of new ones.

Alakomi also raises the recruitment aspect of the renewal of methods and the digitalisation of the construction industry.

“It is important to be able to offer new digital solutions to supervisors who keep getting younger and more digitally oriented,” Alakomi says.

Working on construction sites while exposed to the weather isn’t exactly easy or glamorous. The generation of the future is growing up in a digital environment. In the future new digital solutions are needed on construction sites exposed to storms and rain for the construction industry to remain appealing to the digital generation. It was partly this idea which led to Hartela’s acquisition of the Bliot system to add to the digital possibilities.

Tight schedules threaten change

Hartela has been on the path to digitalisation for a long time. Different, separate solutions have been tested and integrated as part of existing processes. Programs concentrating on BIM, scheduling or safety observations have supported work but have only provided limited solutions. The comprehensive approach of Bliot was what drew the production manager’s interest.

Digital leaps and the implementation of new systems are often hindered by the site’s tight schedule. It is easy to get stuck in old methods if the testing of a new model, for example a system, is seen as difficult and time-consuming. It would, however, be beneficial to make time in a busy schedule for new solutions and their implementation. The changes the construction industry is going through as well as digitalisation are necessary and go hand in hand, according to Alakomi.

“The future of the construction industry depends on the implementation of new solutions,” Alakomi states.

The three constructions sites of Hartela are observed in real time during the three days of the FinnBuild 2018 fair through the Bliot monitoring system at Bliot’s stand 7c160.

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