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An awarded entrepreneur and investor Jalo Paananen has invested in Bliot Oy, developer of IoT and AI solutions for construction

Jalo Paananen, who represents Futuragallery Oy, has invested in Bliot Oy. Thanks to this investment, Futura Oy now owns a 15% share of Bliot Oy’s stock.

Jalo Paananen has been an entrepreneur for over 50 years. He has been awarded the national entrepreneur award and companies founded by him include, for example, Peikko Group Oy. Thanks to this investment, Bliot is now investing more in the creation of IoT and AI solutions to improve construction quality, safety and efficiency as well as in distribution channels and international growth.

The improvement potential of the quality, safety and efficiency of the construction industry creates an international market for IoT and AI solutions worth billions. “The construction industry has excellent chances of increasing its productivity and shifting its quality control methods closer to the level of the manufacturing industry. New technologies are a good starting point for this. Bliot has a lot to contribute to this development,” Jalo Paananen says.

“This investment creates an opportunity for us to focus even more on product development, the widening of distribution channels and international growth,” states Kari Hirvijärvi, the founder and CEO of Bliot Oy. “Bliot’s competent operational team is backed by serial-entrepreneur Olli Seppänen, who is also the chairman of Bliot’s board and professor of Operations Management in Construction at Aalto University. Now we have a true heavyweight of entrepreneurship on our team, Jalo Paananen. It’s more than we could wish for,” continues Hirvijärvi.

Further information: Bliot Oy / Kari Hirvijärvi, Tel. +358 44 7600410

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