Application Programming Interface API

Data flows from other applications can be integrated into Aiforsite’s platform.

Site data management through API

Refining site-related data is at the core of our operations. Aiforsite platform utilises data from different sources, including information from Aiforsite’s own sources and the customers’ or partners’ systems.

Our application programming interface (API) enables a controlled data flow and passes on real-time information to all stakeholders.

Real-time site information from a variety of applications is available on the platform, and you have no need to search for the information in other systems.

Data flow with leading partners

Carinafour for material flow management

Aiforsite cooperates with leading construction industry partners in order to ensure the fluent utilisation of information between different systems. Our partners include Carinafour and Sitedrive.

C4 CALS is a browser-based supply chain and material management system which is used for material portfolio management, planning of material usage, material flow management and logistics. Key features are

  • Delivery management
  • Inventory and picking management
  • Material availability management
  • Material procurement
  • Consignment inventory management
  • Prefabrication management
  • Complaints management
  • Transport management.

Sitedrive for schedule management

Sitedrive is a visual application of daily management for all construction stakeholders. With Sitedrive, you can manage the schedule collaboratively throughout the entire construction project.


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