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Aiforsite 360 Beta is an advanced version of Aiforsite 360 module in Aiforsite Productivity Platform.

Documenting the site visually and managing work prerequisites is easier than ever before.  

Aiforsite 360 Beta comes with a new version of a cloud-based web application and a mobile app. A demo project is included so you can play around and see what you can do even if you do not have a camera yet.

360 observations are critical for managing productivity

Aiforsite 360 Beta  is part of Aiforsite’s Productivity Platform. It allows you not only to document the site progress in 360 images and videos but to manage and improve the work productivity comprehensively.

Attaching Insta360 ONE X2 camera to the helmet left

Aiforsite 360 mobile app Beta

Record, transfer and upload

That is all you need to do.  The mobile app is a fast and simple tool to capture and transfer video material to the Aiforsite Productivity Platform directly from your smartphone. No need for an SD card or manual transfer of raw video material to a computer. Just a few clicks on your phone and all recorded material is uploaded to the cloud, ready for review.

Aiforsite 360 mobile app Beta is an extended tool for the Aiforsite’s Productivity Platform.

To use the app and document the site, you need a user account in the Aiforsite platform, an Android smartphone and an Insta360 ONE X2 camera.

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Web application in Aiforsite platform

By using 360 images and video material, you can monitor the progress of work in different areas of the site.

All the 360 images and videos you have recorded at the site are available for review on Aiforsite 360 application Beta in the web browser.  

In the system, you select the area or floor, the time, and the place to be viewed. The walkthrough path allows you to move to the desired location by clicking on the points on the floor map.

You can check visually identifiable prerequisites of the working area like state of cleanliness, material availability, workers, and critical tools.

Once you have identified a need for corrective actions, you may add observation records on occupational safety, quality, and other matters on the video image.

The system generates a ticket that can be assigned and tracked. The tickets are sent from the platform by email, and the recipients can open and react to the observation record directly in the email without the need to log into the system.

Aiforsite 360 Beta Features

The mobile app features

Follow the mobile app’s instructions. Ensure connection to the Insta360 ONE X2 camera. Select the project, the floor plan and a start position. Give the name of the recording and description. Give the start mark on the floor plan. After you have finished the recording, tap on the end point on the floor plan.

After the recording is finished, the mobile app will show you all the recordings you have done and which are available on the camera at the moment. You will have three options:

  1. Preview the recorded material and delete if necessary
  2. Continue recording 
  3. Transfer and upload media to the cloud.

You can do multiple recordings for a given project.

When you are happy with the results, click to transfer recordings from Insta360 camera to you mobile phone.

After transferring videos from the camera to the phone, click to upload videos to the Aiforsite cloud. All done in just a few clicks!

Aiforsite 360 mobile app offers in-app tips and links to detailed instructions in the cloud. 

The web application features

  • Create user account at
  • You can use Aiforsite 360 Beta web application solely or together with the mobile app that helps recording process on-site.
  • Explore features and functionalities with the demo project included in the app by default.
  • Create a project by entering basic information about your site, add your team members, and upload floor plans of the building.

The Standard Free Trial and Standard Paid Plans offer you the possibility to view the 360 video recordings as 360 images and move through the path by clicking markers on the images. 

A minimap is automatically generated for each recorded session. You can move on the floor plan by clicking points on a walkthrough path.

The minimap has a real-time preview, flight mode on/off, changing the plan orientation, zoom in/zoom out option.

You can add, edit, or delete your observation records (for example, for prerequisites check, safety or quality issues). You can give a category, condition and description of the observation. You can also add a screenshot image of the place in question. 

The path editor allows you to correct the route on the floor plan.

How to start with Aiforsite 360?

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Create a user account in


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Aiforsite 360 Beta

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